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No other part of woman’s body is covered in a shroud of mystery as much as the so called G-spot. The
truth is that G-spot really exists and its stimulation can tremendously intensify and improve woman’s sexual experience. For some women it is an exact spot inside their vagina, for others it remains a mystery. So what can we do to enhance this experience?

What is the G-spot?

Anatomically speaking G-spot is an area of nervous tissue about the size of a penny coin with increased sensitivity to stimulation. If was first described by a German gynaecologist Gräfenburg as an erotogenous zone on the anterior wall of vagina along the urethra, approximately 2-6 cm from the vaginal inlet. During arousal this tissue receives increased blood supply and this in turn leads to its increase in size as much as triple the original. This allows easier and more intense stimulation during sexual intercourse. There are individual differences in size and sensitivity between women and that’s why some can’t describe the exact location of their G-spot.

What is the principle of G-spot augmentation?

Augmentation is a procedure of applying a small amount of hyaluronic acid in your G-spot, effectively increasing its size to around the double of the original. This allows greater sensitivity, higher frequency of orgasms and their longer duration. Yes, it is the same hyaluronic acid used commonly as a wrinkle filler in cosmetic surgery and can also be found in cosmetic products you probably have at home. Therefore this procedure is safe and is associated with only a minimal risk of possible complications. Research shows that 87% of American women noticed improvement in their sex life and intensified sexual sensations.

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Who is the application for?

G-spot augmentation is suitable for healthy women older than 18. On the other hand it is not suitable for women who are pregnant, lactating or currently menstruating.

Is the procedure painful and will I need sick leave at work?

The application of hyaluronic acid is almost painless. It does not require the use of a scalpel as it is simply injected with a syringe. In most cases it is applied in local  anaesthesia. If combined with a surgical procedure such as labiaplasty or vaginoplasty, general anaesthesia is preferred. The whole procedure lasts no more than 30 minutes, therefore no hospitalisation is required and the the effect on your day-to-day life is minimal. A few hours after the procedure, you will be able to return to your normal sexual activity and try your new, better G-spot.

Is the effect permanent?

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring compound in human body and is being slowly absorbed. The effect usually lasts 9 to 14 months and can be repeated after this time. The intervals increase with each application and the effect lasts longer.

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