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Don’t want to lose your sex life? Do you want to enjoy intimate moments with your partner even after menopause? Do you want to feel fresh just like many years ago? Then read on! In this article you’ll learn what vaginal dryness is, who is usually affected and what can be done about it.

Anyone can be affected after the menopause

Vaginal dryness is a problem for many women. But it usually comes after the menopause. The main reason for this is the deficit of estrogen, female sex hormone, which is responsible for natural lubrication during sexual intercourse. It is after the menopause when its levels gradually drop and vaginal mucosa becomes drier, less elastic and slowly becomes thin and atrophic.

What causes the estrogen deficiency?

It can be caused by different reasons. For example surgical removal of ovaries, antiestrogen therapy for endometriosis, chemotherapy and radiotherapy for tumours, imunosupression, lactation and delivery, cigarette smoking, allergy medication or flu. That’s why practically every woman is at risk of vaginal dryness, no matter the age. You can be affected even when you’re young.

Vaginal dryness even influences your sex life

Sometimes even experiencing more stress or emotional distress can come hand in hand with vaginal dryness. But without regard for the cause, vaginal dryness is very uncomfortable and a very traumatising experience for a woman.

Sexual intercourse becomes very painful and can lead to injury to the vaginal mucosa with subsequent itching and burning sensation. In more serious cases it can even lead to bleeding during intercourse. And no woman wants to experience that!

Don’t be afraid to resolve your problem!

That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to consult every unpleasant sensation you experience after sex. Contact your gynaecologist or a sexologist. First he must determine the cause of your problems because there can be more reasons why your estrogen is low.

Your gynaecologist should ask you when and how you discovered these problems and also ask about your medical history. He also performs a vaginal exam and then recommends appropriate therapy.

Are you interested in discreet consultation?

Vaginal dryness therapy

Topical substitution therapy which is applied directly into vagina is often a go-to treatment.

Total estrogen replacement therapy is another possibility. As with all other hormone therapies, it is associated with possible side effects, in this case vaginal bleeding or breast pain. New research also shows a possible connection between hormone therapy and a higher risk of heart disease. The risk is 2,4% higher for women on hormonal therapy compared to women without it.

Innovation in vaginal dryness therapy

Laser treatment Juliet presents absolutely unique approach to the treatment of your problems. The light stimulates regeneration of vaginal mucosa which then becomes elastic again. You’ll notice better vaginal lubrication as a result of improved metabolism of vaginal tissues. And this all happens already after the 1st treatment. Women feel young again in their intimate area and can once again enjoy sexual intercourse to the fullest. This method is minimally invasive and without side-effects.

Don’t hide your problems! You don’t have to live with them! Vaginal dryness is nothing pleasant so don’t get used to it and do the first step now!

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